I’m a…

level headed, easy going, queer femme who enjoys the simple things in life.  I am gentle and kind and can be just as dominant and forceful.  I demand basic respect and human kindness, I will accept no less. I have ZERO tolerance for racist, sexist, transphobic, or homophobic remarks, thoughts, or gestures.  I enjoy soft, cuddly things and like to give just as much as I like to receive.

My art is my passion and my passion is my art.  I am intentional with everything I do.  I have been performing since I could walk and have zoned in on my own performance style in 2006.  I am not a burlesque performer.  I am not a faux queen.  I am a femme performer.  To me, that encompasses everything of who I am… an erotic, theatrical, glamour producing, stage performer who is fierce as much as she is a femme.

I was in the military for 9 years.  I was in a combat support hospital unit and was also part of the QRF (quick reaction force).  That means I am trained on 5 different weapons, an expert hand to hand combat technician, can set up a claymore mine in less than 60 seconds, and have the ability to render a person helpless with only 2-3 moves.

I love adrenaline rushes.  Excitement and surprises thrill me.
I am also a very romantic person.  I enjoy picnics in the park, hiking with my lover, cuddling by the fire, and soaking in hot tubs.

♥ I make no excuses for who I am and I don’t expect you to either ♥
Sophia St. James™

I am also
curvaceous, fun, playful, intelligent, well mannered (some of the time…), sassy, exotic.